MORIN Soizic (INRAE, Bordeaux, FRANCE)

First Name: Soizic

Name: Morin

Position: Researcher


Institute / University / Company: INRAE

Research Unit: EABX

Address (city, state): 50 avenue de Verdun 33612 Cestas cedex

Country: France

Please give 5 key-words showing your research / interest in Microbial Ecotoxicolgy:

  • Biofilm
  • Diatoms
  • Community structure
  • Functions
  • Multistress

Main kinds of contaminant(s) of interest: Metals

Main kinds of microorganisms of interest:

  • Algal community
  • Diatoms

Main kinds of ecosystems of interest: Freshwater

Do you give courses on Microbial Ecotoxicology ?: NO

Most relevant articles in the field of Microbial Ecotoxicology (max.5):

  • Morin S., Lambert A.S., Planes Rodriguez E., Dabrin A., Coquery M., Pesce S. 2017. Changes in copper toxicity towards diatom communities with experimental warming. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 334, 223-232.
  • Neury-Ormanni J., Vedrenne J., Morin S. 2016. Who eats who in biofilms? Exploring the drivers of microalgal and micro-meiofaunal abundance. Botany Letters 163, 83-92.
  • Morin S., Bonet B., Corcoll N., Guasch H., Bottin M., Coste M. 2015. Cumulative stressors trigger increased vulnerability of diatom communities to additional disturbances. Microbial Ecology 70, 585-595.
  • Morin S., Corcoll N., Bonet B., Tlili, A., Guasch H. 2014. Diatom responses to zinc contamination along a Mediterranean river. Plant Ecology and Evolution 147, 325-332.
  • Morin S., Pesce S., Kim-Tiam S., Libert X., Coquery M., Mazzella N. 2012. Use of polar organic chemical integrative samplers to assess the effects of chronic pesticide exposure on biofilms. Ecotoxicology 25, 1570-1580.

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