EcotoxicoMic Photo Contest

The EcotoxicoMic network organizes a photo contest to illustrate the microbial ecotoxicology research on its website and other communication supports. (application deadline: September 10, 2023)

Who can participate?

The participant can be a person, whatever their nationality, or a group of people. In this case, a person appointed from the collective will be considered as the main author, the others as co-authors. The participant must be able to claim authorship of the image submitted in accordance with article L 113-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.

The participant can be:

  • Researcher, engineer or technician,
  • Professor, Assistant-Professor,
  • Doctoral or post-doctoral, Master and Bsc student;
  • Other staff member from academic or private laboratories dealing with microbial ecotoxicology.

Each participant is authorized to submit only one image to the entire contest. Several proposals can come from the same laboratory if different participants are proposing one image each.

Eligible image

Image should depict microbial ecotoxicology research. No people, brands or laboratory affiliations should be recognizable in the picture.

The images can be improved or aestheticized but these manipulations must not alter their meaning. Colorization and graphic processing, with “Photoshop©” type software, are authorized for the purpose of clarifying or highlighting the content of the image but they must not distort the content.

The minimum size required for image is 2500 pixels per side (in 300 dpi) for the smallest side. However, with a view to exposing the winning images, a size of 4000 pixels would be ideal. (NB: below 2500 pixels, the size will be a disqualification criterion for the jury).

File size should not exceed 10 megabytes (10,000 KB).

The image must be in png or jpg format.

A title and a short description of the image are mandatory

The proposed photo must be accompanied by a short title (if possible “catchy”) and a short description.


60 characters maximum including spaces

Description text

Between 300 and 900 characters maximum including spaces

  • Describe what you see in the image;
  • Briefly explain the research carried out and its possible applications;
  • Highlight the role of the image in the research carried out.
How to participate?

To participate for EcotoxicoMic photo contest, participant must send an email to including

  • the photo attached or download link,
  • personal information (name, first name and email address),
  • photo information (title and short description),
  • and the Copyright Assignment Agreement, downloadable here.

Participation in the competition will only be effective when the candidate has sent all the information mentioned above. An email will be sent to him indicating the validity of his submission. All personal information provided by the participant will be kept confidential.

Jury composition and evaluation criteria

Jury is composed of all the members of the steering committee of EcotoxicoMic network. Each jury member will vote for three pictures and the three most voted images will win a prize.

The picture selection by jury members will be made according to two criteria:

first criterion: the visual qualities of the picture (aesthetic, explanatory, emotional)

second criterion: the research subject illustrated by this picture (the ability of the picture to illustrate the research)

Prize and visibility

Among all the photos selected, the three most popular images will receive a prize as follows:

the first prize is a non-nominative voucher for a free registration to the EcotoxicoMic 2024 international conference, including the congress registration and gala evening entrance.

the second and third prizes are a non-nominative voucher for free entry to the gala evening of  the EcotoxicoMic 2024 international conference.

Images proposed to the photo contest will enrich the photo library of the network of microbial ecotoxicology can be used to illustrate the EcotoxicoMic network website and communicate on social media or other communication supports.

 Publication rights and copyrights

The participant must be the author of the image and have all the rights on it.

By registering in the photo contest, the participant releases the EcotoxicoMic network from any liability concerning a violation of copyright that may occur and any disputes that may result therefrom.

The EcotoxicoMic network reserves the right to publish the pre-selected images and the winning images of the contest in all media and/or formats, with the aim of promoting the microbial ecotoxicology research.

The EcotoxicoMic network undertakes to mention the author each time the selected picture is reproduced.

The EcotoxicoMic network signs an assignment of copyright with each of the participants whose image will be part of the selection of the EcotoxicoMic photo contest.

Commitment of the participant

By entering the contest, participant agrees to respect the EcotoxicoMic photo contest rules.

Any decision by the organizers with respect to any aspect of this contest, including the eligibility or non-eligibility of the application will be final and without appeal.

The application deadline is May 14, 2023.