CELIN ACHARYA Celin (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, INDIA)

First Name: Celin


Position: Scientist

Email: celinacharya@gmail.com

Institute / University / Company: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Research Unit: Molecular Biology Division

Address (city, state): Mumbai, Maharashtra

Country: India

Please give 5 key-words showing your research / interest in Microbial Ecotoxicolgy:

  • Toxicity
  • heavy metals
  • microbes
  • bioremediation
  • metallomics

Main kinds of contaminant(s) of interest:

  • uranium
  • heavy metals

Main kinds of microorganisms of interest:

  • bacteria
  • yeast

Main kinds of ecosystems of interest:

  • metal enriched areas
  • metal contaminated areas

Do you give courses on Microbial Ecotoxicology ?: NO

Most relevant articles in the field of Microbial Ecotoxicology (max.5):

1. Nilesh Kolhe, Smita Zinjarde, Celin Acharya (2020) Impact of uranium exposure on marine yeast, Yarrowia lipolytica: insights into the yeast strategies to withstand uranium stress. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 381: 121226 I.F. 9.03

2. Devanshi Khare, Rakshak Kumar and Celin Acharya. Genomic and functional insights into the adaptation and survival of Chryseobacterium sp. strain PMSZPI in uranium enriched environment. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (Elsevier), 2020,191: 110217.

3. Pallavi Chandwadkar, Hari Sharan Misra, Celin Acharya. (2018). Uranium biomineralization induced by a metal tolerant Serratia strain under acid, alkaline and irradiated conditions. Metallomics, 10, 1078-1088. I.F. 4.1

4. Divya T.V., Pallavi Chandwadkar, Celin Acharya (2018) NmtA, a novel metallothionein of Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 imparts protection against cadmium stress but not oxidative stress. Aquatic Toxicology, 199,152-161.

5. Celin Acharya, Pallavi Chandwadkar, Chandrani Nayak (2017) Unusual versatility revealed by a filamentous, diazotrophic cyanobacterium, Anabaena torulosa for its survival under prolonged uranium exposure, Applied and Environmental Microbiology (ASM), 83 (9), e03356-16.

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